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Choctaw Community Homeschool Co-op

Central Oklahoma's premier homeschool opportunity.


Our Goals

Choctaw Community Homeschool Co-op is a Christian-based cooperative learning environment. Our focus is on fellowship and educational enrichment between homeschool families in all stages of life. We truly believe that it "takes a village" to successfully raise and educate our children and our goal as a co-op is to be the best helpmates for each other that we can possibly be.

Our classes are designed to enrich what is already being taught at home and they are facilitated by parents who are passionate about the subjects they are teaching. Cooperative participation from all our parents and children is vital to the success of our co-op and our homeschooling journeys.


Meet the Board members, get a feel for our curriculum, and find out what makes CCHC great!


Get the forms and information to apply to join the Choctaw Community Homeschool Co-op


Find answers to questions you may have about the Choctaw Community Homeschool Co-Op

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